Parental Permission Form

We at Unfading Daydream are thrilled to have interest from all age groups. We just want to be certain that the writers’ parents are aware and approve of their child’s work being submitted and, potentially, published.  We are dedicated to keeping our writers’ information safe and private – the only information that we will publish about your child is their name (or pen name) and a short ‘about me.’  Please note that the ‘about me’ should not include information like street address, full name, or anything sensitive.

Example:  LL Lemke is a dreamer from Wisconsin. She spends most of her time creating worlds, weaving stories, and having a terrible grasp on what a sleep schedule is. Her free time is spent playing video games with friends. She can often be seen rooting for fictional villains or picking out a morally grey character as her favorite. When she grows up, she would like to pilot giant robots. LL Lemke has published four novels. She has an endless amount of stories floating around her mind and hopes to get them all on paper one day.

If accepted: We at Unfading Daydream reserve the right to the exclusive first run of your story as well as the rights to include your story in a non-exclusive yearly anthology. Rights to the story are claimed upon acceptance. After your story runs in Unfading Daydream, you have the rights to publish it as you see fit.

Unfading Daydream is a paying publication and if your child is accepted, they will receive either $5 or $10 depending on length of the story as well as a physical copy of the magazine. We pay with PayPal.

I, the undersigned, have read Unfading Daydream’s statement. I give permission for my child to submit to Unfading Daydream and, if accepted, be published by Unfading Daydream. I understand that the only personal information that would be made public is my child’s name (or pen name) and a short biography. I also understand that it is my responsibility as a parent to ensure that my child has read through the submission guidelines and understands them. Please see our website for full guidelines!


My child, ______________________________________, born ____/____/____ has my permission to submit to Unfading Daydream and, if chosen, be published by Unfading Daydream.

This is the name he/she/they wish to be published under:

This is his/her/their short biography (100 words, written in the 3rd person):






Parent signature:  _______________________________________________
Date: _________________________

Parent’s Information
Name: ____________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________

Street address: __________________________________________________________


Town: ___________________________ State ______ Zip ___________


Please scan/take a picture of the completed form and send to

Download here: Unfading Daydream Permission Slip