Issue 9 coming soon!

We at Unfading Daydream are happy to work with all our authors for our upcoming issue. A lot of hard work goes into putting together each issue, and we never want to cut corners due to time constraints or outside influence.

Therefore, due to unforseen circumstances, the release of issue 9 – Possession – will be delayed for another few days. We are working hard to assure the upcoming issue is at the highest level of quality for our readers and authors alike.

We will post an update once we have a concrete date so stay tuned!



Coming Soon, Issue 4!

Adel here. What a crazy month it has been! It feels like it just flew by. Spring is on the way and we at Unfading Daydream are finishing up Issue 4 of the magazine.

Thank you to all that submitted. We got the privilege of reading dozens of retold classics, even some we did not expect to see! All in all, it was a very exciting submission period!

Our next theme is one I’m personally very excited about; Mecha!

As always, our themes are very loose and open for interpretation. With this theme, we hope to see a variety of different approaches to the idea. Remember, Mecha doesn’t have to be just sci-fi!

Good luck and we hope to hear from you in May!