Issue 8: heroes & villains is here! And other announcements

Issue 8 of Unfading Daydream is here!

Issue 8 features 7 incredible speculative fiction stories. From a thrilling rescue of kidnapped lover to a daring attempt to defeat a supervillain, these stories are sure to please.

Featured stories are by Donovan Bertch, Sarah Clowder, Audrey Hetzler, Cate Millican, J.R. Rustrian, Swylmar dos Santos Ferreira (translated by Toshiya Kamei), and Elisha Sears.

You can buy physical copies at our store. Digital copies are available on Amazon.

Other Announcements

We strive for Unfading Daydream to be the best it possibly can, which means we needed to admit to ourselves that we were struggling with a quarterly release. This has led us to this compromise: after the April 2019 issue, Unfading Daydream will be a biannual magazine.

Magazines will come out in April and October of each year.

Reading periods will now be from November to January and May to July. If we get enough stories early, we will close the submission window ahead of the end date. Much like before, anything submitted outside of reading periods will not be considered.

This means our next window opens on May 1st and will close on July 31st at 11:59pm CST. The theme of Issue 9 will be POSSESSION.

If you have any questions of what is allowed in UD, please see our submission guidelines.

How can I get updates?

We just launched our mailing list! By subscribing you will receive periodic emails about reading periods, new releases, and any important info about Unfading Daydream. Sign up today to get on the list for our next issue!
A huge thank you to everyone involved for helping us release another successful issue! We couldn’t make this daydream happen without you!

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