Issue 4: RETOLD and Year 1 Anthology are here!

Issue 4 of Unfading Daydream is here! Issue 4 is themed: RETOLD! Famous stories re-imagined. We have everything from a retelling of The Little Mermaid to a unique take on Japanese mythology.

The featured stories are by:
Alice Godwin, Elana Gomel, Russel Hemmell, Shannon Lippert, Cate Millican,Naomi Brett Rourke, Andrea Teare, Rachel Unger, and Stanley B. Webb.

Hard copies can be found HERE!

Digital copies can be found HERE!

We are also pleased to announce that our Year 1 Anthology is for sale as well! The anthology features the first year’s stories; our pilot magazine, as well as the second issue, which was themed ‘supernatural.’

The featured stories are written by: Lisa Alfano, John Baltisberger, Donovan Bertch, Alven Burgett, Stacie Dunham, Olivia Hennis, J.A.W. McCarthy, Cate Millican, Charles Roland, J.R. Rustrian, G.E. Smith, Fanni Suto, Austin T. Twenter, C. Whitmer, and John William Worth.

Hard copies can be found HERE!

Digital copies can be found HERE!

As usual, physical copies are only available while supplies last~

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