Unfading Daydream: Issue 3 is now here!

Apologies on how long its taken us to get this post up – things have been hectic this month for both editors. But here’s the post!

The third issue of Unfading Daydream contains eleven stories of fresh starts and renewals, whether they be good, bad, or otherwise.

Authors featured this month are Donovan Bertch, Alice Godwin, Gordon Grice, Tim Jeffreys, Cate Millican, A.L. Nachtman, Charlotte Platt, Stephen Paul Sayers, Fanni Suto, Michael Thomas, and Olin Wish.

Hard copies can be purchased HERE

ebook copies can be purchased HERE

On another note, submissions for Issue 4 will be opening at 12:00 am CST on February 1st.

Thank you so much for your continued support and, again, we’re sorry for the delays in getting this post up.


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